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In-Game Name: YouEasy Age:16 Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak? Yes i have Telegram/Discord/TeamSpeak Do you have any fluently spoken languages other than English?: I Only Speak English Do you have a good working microphone?:Yes Are you currently staff on another server?:No but just resigned off a friends since he shut down Do you have any previous staff experiences? If none, leave blank:Yes i was moderator on my brothers server and i am mod in gamezland aswell but i am resigning since he is shutting down. ive helped out with alot of KB Testing Reach Testing and comands testing etc. I am very useful when it comes to staffing on hcf servers since ive had previous experiance. sorry for my english its 2 AM for me and im tired xD Some Of the servers i was mod on: and my brothers hcf server How many hours can you be active each day?:1-8 since i go to college too but very active online
25 days ago