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Our anticipated debut release of Kits..
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KITS MAP 2 RELEASE INFORMATION More release information will shown on the trailer in the up-coming few days! 15 Man, 0 Allies Protection 1, Sharpness 1 Updated abilities (Grappling Hook, Freezegun, Switcheroo, Thunder Trasher, Position Stick, Ice Box, and more!) Clean taliban pearls Updated anti-cheat FACTION TOP REWARDS FTOP #1 - $25 Buycraft Voucher & Sapphire Rank FTOP #2 - $15 Buycraft Voucher FTOP #3 - $10 Buycraft Voucher CHANGE-LOG We have planned this map out well, we have added custom terrain through out the map, to give a realistic player vs player vibe. There are traps layed all around the map, to make sure there is a challenge against one another. We have also went through the Taliban Pearls and cleaned them up, so all pearl strings should work such as, (Pearling through Gates, String, and all traps) are now possible to do. We have gone through multiple updates trying to perfect the pearls. We have also updated Knockback to make sure it's perfect since we were noticing tons of complaints by our community. Another thing we perfected was the Anti-cheat we noticed tons of users coming on from the community and using (Reach, Kill-aura, and more) we are still attempting to make this the best anti-cheat as possible. We are excited for this release of kits because this is going to be a good one! WHERE CAN WE FIND RELEASE OF KITS We are launching the Kits server within the next week, to find more information on when we are going to release Kits, and Swift (HCF) join our community discord, for not only SOTW INFORMATION but to also recieve exclusive updates, as well as giveaways. You won't find the information we give out on discord anywhere else! WHERE CAN WE JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER? You can locate our discord invite link, down below! -
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KITS RELEASE INFORMATION 8 Man, 0 Allies Protection 1, Sharpness 1 Abilities (Armor Switcher, Fast-Pearl, Snow-port, No-fall booties, Grappling hook, Firework, and more! Taliban Pearls (Pearl thru fence gates, and slabs and stairs) No Suffication Traps! UPCOMING ABOUT KITS We plan to release kits plain an simple, after testing on first release of Kits. We will then move onto Map 1 of Swift, We will then release Swift and then test bugs, for our first launch, after bugs have been handled on Kits and Swift, we will then move onto updating kitmap to making it a better competitive experience than 1st map. We already have custom feature's being added to Map 2 of Kits, it will be more like a complete verson of Map 1 of Kits, but better. WHERE CAN WE FIND RELEASE OF KITS The release day of kits will be released on twitter and on the website, we plan to have many youtubers come and hop on kit's launch, to bring players on to the network. You will most likely be able to see Kits launching a couple days after the 24th of Decemeber! WHERE CAN WE GET SNEAK-PEAKS? You can locate sneak-peaks and information on our discord, which can be found located on the link below this!
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